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Originally from New Caledonia -more precisely in Noumea

the young drummer makes his first footsteps into music in 1996, at the age of 5.  After a dozen years studying at the Music Conservatory of New Caledonia, he began performing on local stages with various renowned local groups/artists since 2013.


Always pushed by the will to improve, he decided to study more about drumming in 2015 at the Musician Institute school in Los Angeles.

The perfect opportunity to learn

alongside professors such 

as Russell Ferrante

(Yellow Jacket)

The year 2016 marked a milestone in his musical career, when he had the honor to make his first tour with the Australian artist "Nicky Bomba".

This experience introduced him on the journey of teaching in 2017, by joining the crew of AFMI (in charge of the Music Conservatory of New Caledonia's students of remote areas), to teach and share his passion, thus passing on to future generations.

drum, teacher, student, music, class
teacher, student, music, class
Teacher, Student, Music, class, congas
teacher, student, music, class
music teacher, student, bass
Class, Teacher, Student, Music

As a musician with eclectic musical influences, he decided to move to Tahiti in 2020, where he will until this day have the honor of drumming for numerous international artists such as

Ayo, Gary Dourdan, Pierpoljak, Gulam, MiKL, Yannick Noah , Taïro [...]

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